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First Baptist Church, Union New Jersey
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Sunday School

Sunday school classes are offered each week from 10am to 10:45am for everyone ages 3 to adults. 

The goal of Sunday school is to grow in understanding and application of the scriptures in an environment that allows us to ask questionst, share our prayer requests, and encourge one another.

The children and teen classes are learning basic Christian theology. Their teachers use curriculums that teach through the Bible over a period of years. They are also encouraged to form a relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

The adult class is led by the Elders of our Church. Character studies, budgeting help, Bible book studies, and video classes are just some of the lessons that are taught during Sundasy School. Each Semester is unique in its lesson but comprehensive in purpose: to grow in relationship with God and apply Biblical truth to our lives.

Right now we are studying 1&2 Thessalonians:

Paul addresses a fledgling church that has been in the midst of persecution and attacks since its foundation. How can they draw daily stregnth when they seem so inneffective? How can they find hope in the midst of suffering? Paul assures them, confirms them, and urges them ever further to grow in Christ. Join us to see how these eternal truths apply to us today.