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Book of Hebrews 1.5-14 - I'm No Angel 

Angels appear throughout the Bible but always in the service of God. This week we’ll be discovering the characteristics and purposes of angels, and comparing them with the greatness of Christ. What is an easy comparison is muddled by heresy, misinterpretation, and just plain being wrong. Let us discover the truth of angels and the glory of Christ.

Book of Hebrews - 1.3-4 - State of the Union

Christ holds supremacy of all things. Both because He is God, creator of all things, provider, sustainer; and because He is human, perfect in every way, laying down His life in obedience to the Father, so He has been lifted up to the highest place that ever knee shall bow and every tongue confess. This dual nature of Christ is a mystery and gift of salvation. Apologies that the first part was lost in technical error.


Book of Hebrews - 1.1-2 - Ever Present Past

The Book of Hebrews is rich in theology, in practicality, and in empowering the believer for every good work that God has prepared beforehand.  The opening verses talk about God’s revelation, previously through the prophets and now the His only begotten Son. The superiority of Christ is revealed in His work, character, and person.


Spiritual Discipline - Evangelism

 Being a disciple of Christ means person and communal disciplines, and passing on that knowledge to others that they themselves may be saved, transformed, more and more into the image of our Lord and Saviour. Disciple Making is our opportunity to preach that they may hear and be saved. Let us fulfill the work of Christ in this world and allow God’s kingdom to grow.

Spiritual Discipline - Accountability

God has given us each other. A gift of community that allows us to share burdens, encourage one another, and fight side by side rather than alone. As iron sharpens iron, so does the community of believers provide a refinement and empowerment for battle against the spiritual forces of the world that assault us. Let us stand alongside one another, supporting one another and pressing on towards the goal.

Luke 18.9-14 - How Do You Pray? 

How do you pray? Different people have different reasons for praying. Some are asking God for healing, direction, help in making decisions, or even asking for “stuff”. Others pray to thank Him for the blessings that He gives each and every day. But the real question is the attitude with which people pray. Do they see themselves in a mirror or how they want to view themselves?

Spiritual Discipline - Fellowship

Fellowship extends beyond the common ideas of coffee hours, polite conversation, and “giving the sign of peace”. It is the mutually beneficial relationship among believers that glorifies God. Fellowship bears similarities to Hospitality, but encourages pouring into each others lives as Christians to spur one another to greater works.


Spiritual Discipline - Hospitality

Hospitality goes beyond serving plates, soft couches and comfort food. It is love lived out towards the outsider; A welcoming heart into a community; A willingness to make an enemy into family. When we welcome others into our homes to break bread we make a path for the Gospel to grow and the Word of God to thrive.


Spiritual Discipline - Tithing

Money is not the root of all evil, but the Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Greed is a powerful motivator for sin and selfishness. Yet God has shown us through the example of His servants and the commands towards His people that tithing is a means to grow, not dependent on money, butoin God alone.


Spiritual Discipline - Testimony 

Our testimony is not about our accomplishments, but about God and His great work in our lives. Through our testimony we bear witness of a living and active God who works all things for good, for those who love Him, those who call upon His name. Your testimonies are a means to glorify God and reveal Him to those around you.

Spiritual Discipline - Corporate Worship

To love one another as Christ loves us is to gather together in His name as His people and worship Him communally. There is no “lone Christian”, no single person who can avoid church but still follow the example and commands of God. Heaven is always described as communal for the resurrected, so let it be on earth as it is in Heaven.


Easter 2022 - Rise Up! 

Resurrection Sunday is upon us. Today is the day that the Lord has made, and we will exceedingly rejoice and be glad in it. For God has provided a way, by His grace, through His Son, for our sins to be paid, and our life to be everlasting. Let us rise up and join together in praise as God continues to complete His work in us.

Spiritual Discipline - Praise;

To Sing, To Dance, To Tell, To Confess, all these are a means of praising our Father in Heaven. Praise is not limited to singing, but is our right response to the majesty and character of God. When joy pours forth, when hope springs eternal, when faith perseveres, when sorrow wells deeply, when grief crashes, even then will we praise His name.


Spiritual Discipline - Sabbath;

The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. We are not to be bound by meticulous and legalistic rules that limit our worship of God and make us either proud of our self-control nor resentful of our God’s holiness. Sabbath is a time set aside to trust and rest in God, to cast our anxieties upon Him and appreciate all He provides.


Spiritual Discipline - Confession;

As we bear our hearts to God let there be no shadow, no hidden part, but only the fullness of our brokenness that we may welcome His healing hand. Confession is a means to recognize our need and to cry out to God to help us change and grow into the image of His only begotten Son. Let us confess our sins, bear our souls, and receive Him.


Spiritual Discipline - Meditation;

Silence, Solitude, and Contemplation. Meditation is not founded in Eastern religions, but a practice across many human cultures and religions. Christian meditation is not an emptying of our minds, but a filling with the Word, the Character, the Majesty of our God. An opportunity to draw closer to Him and away from the world.


Spiritual Discipline - Fasting;

Fasting is often partnered with prayer, but stands alone as it’s own spiritual discipline for the self-control it requires and the powerful effect it can have upon our spiritual lives when we take the time and effort to practice. Fasting is purposefully sacrificing something in your life to fill it with the presence of God.


Spiritual Discipline - Prayer;

The simplest and most powerful definition of prayer is “talking to God”. We have access to the God of all creation through our Lord Jesus Christ, and He not only welcomes us into His presence but commands us to come before Him with all our petitions, anxieties, praise, and more.


Spiritual Discipline - Bible Reading;

The Spiritual Disciplines are practical ways we are able to connect with God and place Him at the center of our lives. By devoting ourselves to daily reading of the Word we are able to infuse the truth of God into every aspect of our lives and make sure that our minds are set on Him. The Word is bread, a daily sustenance for our spiritual life.


Matthew 28.18-20 - Finale;

We have reached the finish line. The Gospel of Matthew concludes with a promise of the Messiah, “I am with you always”. In every circumstances, in every moment, in the deepest recesses of ourselves, God is with us. Not for our condemnation but for our sanctification, our pursuit of holiness and Christlikeness. He is with us.


Matthew 28.18-20 - Show Me The Way;

Teaching is more than just quizzes, tests, and lecturing. It is the imparting of knowledge and wisdom to uplift another person. Teachers are held double-accountable in the Bible, for themselves and their students. But we are all teachers, reluctant or enthusiastic. Teachers of children, proclaimers of the Gospel, and commanded by God.


Matthew 28.18-20 - Fire and Water;

The next means by which we are to make disciples is to “Baptize(ing) them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” If we are to baptize then we must have been baptized. This week we will discover what Baptism means, what is accomplishes, and the involvement of God in this milestone of Christian faith.


Matthew 28.18-20 - Let's Go;

We now enter the Great Commission. The work that Christ has laid out for all of His disciples is spoken in these final verses of the Gospel of Matthew: Make Disciples. A command of reproduction; similar to the garden: “Be fruitful and multiply”, it falls into the order of the New Covenant “Be Spiritual Fruitful and Make more Disciples of Jesus.”


Matthew 28.16-17 - No Doubt; 

 As the disciples arrive in Galilee they are brought face-to-face with the Lord Jesus Christ. In His resurrected form, alive and well, He must have been a sight to behold. Yet some of them “doubted”. Doubt was the seed planted in Eve that brought forth sin. These weeds must be plucked out of our lives before they strangle our faith.

Matthew 28.8-10 - Avant Gardener;

This week we will be examining the assension and exaltation of Christ. Though this event doesn’t appear in Matthew, Jesus makes reference to it in His interaction with Mary Magdalene immediately following His resurrection. The Christ must ascend and be exalted to the right hand of God. But why up? In fact, where is heaven?


Matthew 28.1-8 - The Remains of Rock and Roll;

Jesus Christ is no longer in the tomb. The women approach only to find a stone rolled away, guards absent, and an angel waiting for their arrival. As we examine this interaction with an Angel of the Lord, we discover again and again the proof that the tomb is empty and Christ is not among the dead.


Matthew 27.57-66 - Born in a Burial Shroud;

Jesus’ body is removed from the cross and placed in a tomb that was reserved for the family Joseph of Arimathea. A silent disciple of Jesus Christ who apparently came from a wealthy family. Though we often focus on His death and resurrection, we will set time this Sunday to focus on His burial. The Biblical and cultural requirement of 3 days.


Matthew 27.45-56 - We Declare; 

We have heard the testimony of the earth, the Christ, the centurion, and the women who were all present at the crucifixion of Jesus. As they themselves declared what they knew, we also declare what we know: that Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, died upon the cross, was buried, and on the third day rose again. Let the people hear and rejoice.

Matthew 27.45-56 - The Women Declare; 

Christ hangs upon the cross, abandoned by His apostles and mocked by the crowds that have gathered. But one small group stands by weeping over the death of the Son of Man. A small group of women stand by, physically present to bear witness of their Lord’s death. Unashamed, unafraid, faithful women. Let’s discover some of them this Sunday.

Matthew 27.45-54 - The Centurion Declares;

The soldiers who mocked and beat Him, who escorted Him to Golgotha. The soldiers who held down his limbs as they pierced his hands and feet, raised Him up, divided his only earthly possession, and watched this and many other crucifixions. Those who killed Him. Even one of them declares “Truly this was the Son of God!”.


Matthew 27.45-54 - The Christ Declares;

 Out of the 7 final words of Jesus while being crucified, Matthew chooses “Eli, Eli, Lema, Sabachthani” (My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?). With these final words Jesus completes the very purpose of His birth, to die for our sins upon a cross. Let us contemplate the history and meaning behind this final proclamation.

Matthew 27.45-54 - The Earth Declares;

 The whole of creation cries out to God. Creation has always had a tie to humanity. When we fell, we took the world with us. As we long for the glorious day of the final resurrection, creation also groans out in this desire. And as Jesus dies upon the cross, the earth responds with darkness, earthquakes, and even returning the dead.

Matthew 27.27-44 - Mock the Weak;  

Pain and suffering goes deeper than physical affliction. Jesus Christ suffered in every way that a human being can. Physical, psychological, and spiritual suffering bombarded Christ on that day. In every way Christ suffered for our sins and was willing to take upon Himself the full wrath of God.


Dean Gavaris - Mark 1.32-45 - Are You On The Level With Jesus?

Dean Gavaris is the executive director of Gateway Pregnancy Center with a longstanding relationship with FBC. Please visit his table in the back of the church for more information on the ministry! We are blessed by his continual acceptance to share the Word with us on men’s retreat weekend and look forward to hearing about the cleansed leper.


Matthew 27.11-24 - Trials and Tribulations pt 2; 

Dragged from the religious trials, Jesus is placed into the hands of Roman authority. Pilate is an unwilling participant to this trial until he realizes that an insurgent may be in his very hands. With a less than stellar record, Pilate questions Jesus and the crowd, only to wash his hands. But you can’t just ignore what’s right in front of you.

Matthew 26.57-27.2 - Trials and Tribulations pt 1; 

 As Jesus is escorted the house of Caiaphas the High Priest, he finds himself pulled into a mock trial, with lying witnesses and false testimony. Where we would defend ourselves, He stands silently as they accuse and berate Him. As they strike Him, He remains silent. Why? Why wouldn’t He just speak up? Why endure the lies?

Matthew 26.47-56 - By The Sword; 

Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Violence breeds violence in our broken and sinful world. The salvation of God’s people was sealed not by Jesus enacting violence and seizing it, but by accepting violence and giving up His life for us. Shall we live by the sword and seize the kingdom? Or lay down our life and be welcomed into it?


Matthew 26.36-46; Gardening At Night; 

As the Creator of the universe closes His final meal, He guides His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane. Here He spends His final moments of peace in communion with His Father. The sorrow and grief weighs heavily upon Him and He opens His heart before God. Let us look into this intimate and final moment before the torture of the cross.

 Matthew 26.30-35, 69-75; Can't Deny My Love - Although Judas was the great betrayer, Jesus was abandoned by all of His followers at the time of His arrest. Peter made lofty and noble promises that he was unable to keep, and finding himself under suspicion of being a disciple he denies his Lord three times. Judas finds no redemption in his regret. Can Peter find it after the cross?

Matthew 26.26-29; Good Friends and A Glass of Wine - On the night of His betrayal Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper. Command us to remember Him in the same way, this ordinance has been honored since its inception by Christians throughout all time. This week we will learn about and celebrate communion together. Let us prepare our hearts.


Matthew 26.14-25; 27.3-10 - You're Not Sorry - Judas Iscariot, whose name resounds through history as a betrayer to the Lord Jesus Christ. What does the Bible say about this man? And why he was willing to trade his very soul for 30 pieces of silver? As a heads up, we will be touching upon the topic of suicide this week (nothing graphic).


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