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4 Gospels - Mark - Powerful Peace

Peace comes not only through the laying down of arms, but also by the complete conquering of the enemy. Christ has conquered sin and offers peace to us if we lay down our pride and devote ourselves to Him. Because on His return it will be in conquest. Let us grow in this peace Christ has secured for us through His death.


4 Gospels - Matthew - Messianic Hope 

This Advent we will be uncovering the Gospels and how they bring to us the good news of great joy through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Sunday is discovering the Messianic prophecies in Matthew as Jesus Christ comes as the foretold chosen one of God to bring this good news of God in the midst of our sin and separation.

Ruiz, Pedro - Matthew 18.31-45 - The Two Debtors 

Elder Pedro Ruiz brings us the message this week from Matthew of The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. Forgiveness is a gift from God that  changes our lives and allows the lives of those around us to be changed when we forgive them. Let us loose the bonds of vengeance that create hatred and self destruction and be changed by extending grace.

Joshua Timari - Philippians 2.1-11 - Come Together

Our worship leader, Joshua Timari will be presenting the message this week on being of “one accord.” The church is made from people of all cultures, tongues, abilities, and personalities. The binding ingredient for this confusion of people is our faith and example in Jesus Christ. Let us be bound tighter in like-mindedness and fulfill our purpose.


Hebrews 5.1-10 - Stuck in the Middle with You

Though Jesus had available to Him all the power of God, He did not use any of it for His own purposes. He lived in complete obedience to the Father and that includes growing up and learning that as a human, obedience comes at a cost. Even in this He is greater, in His obedience, in His sacrifice, in His position as High Priest.


Hebrews 4.14-16 - Call for the Priest 

The writer of Hebrews reminds us of the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ. Earlier it was in relation to being the perfect and holy high priest who fulfilled God’s every requirement. In this case it is a compassionate High Priest who understands our temptations and sufferings and intercedes for us before our Father God.

Hebrews 4.11-13 - Under the Blade

The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. Not a weapon by which God cuts us down, but a scalpel that He wields with such skill so as to surgically expose our hearts, remove our sin, and begin the process of rehabilitation. As more and more we develop a heart for God and of Christ.

Hebrews 4.3-10 - RIP

The rest that God has provided is the fullness of the promise made to Abraham, his descendants, and all the nations through him. This rest is for those united by faith in Christ, and a shining hope for tomorrow made available to us today. We rest not only on the Sabbath, but every day in and through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 4.1-3 - Hopes and Fears

Heaven awaits those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ. Though all are not saved, for more than words and deeds are required to be welcomed into the glory of God. We are saved by faith in Jesus, united by the Spirit of God, and finally brought into the rest that He Himself has prepared for us. Let us approach our God with fear and trembling.

Get Out Of The Boat - Elder Brian Dennis 

Brian graciously agreed with little notice to share the Word with us. He currently serves as an elder and  financial secretary for FBC and we are grateful for his years of service to our church family.

As we continue to pray for those affected by wind and waves, let us take courage and focus on our sovereign Son of God.

The Book of Hebrews 3.14-19 - What Does It Take? 

Though they heard the thunderous voice of God, though they saw the pillar of fire every night, though they were brought to victory by the stilling of the Sun in the sky, they were condemned not by their actions but their unbelief. Let us learn from this lost and rebellious generation and turn our hearts to God.

The Book of Hebrews 3.7-13 - Lost Generation 

For forty years they wandered in the wilderness. Not lost, God was always guiding them, providing for them, and even present with them in the cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. Yet this generation was entirely lost, cut off from entering into God’s promised land. Their rebellion led them to destruction, be on guard against an unbelieving heart.

The Book of Hebrews - 3.1-6 - In the House of Stone and Light

 Moses is the most influential and revered human figure in the Old Testament. David may have been a man after God’s own heart, Abraham was chosen and blessed, but Moses was a friend of God in a relationship that no other human until the New Testament  ever had. Yet Jesus is still greater, in faithfulness, in glory, in the house of God as Son.

The Book of Hebrews - 2.17-19 - Devotion and Desire


The role of the High Priest was to lead the spiritual direction and worship of God amongst all of Israel. He was a leader, a guide, a sage, a mediator between man and God. The High Priest was also an partial illustration of the fullness to come through Christ, our Great High Priest, who through His sacrifice, restores our relationship with God.



Book of Hebrews - 2.14-16 - Death and All His Friends 

Death and the fear of death are weapons used by Satan to keep humanity in check, to keep us afraid of the eternity that awaits that we either deny it entirely or turn to anything that may deliver us. But this fear of death has no hold over those who put their trust in Christ. For by faith in Jesus, we have become even more than conquerors over death, an brought into the family of God. Death will die, and his friends with him.

Book of Hebrews - 2.10-13 - Take It To The Source 

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. And while we adore and bask in the fullness of His divinity, it’s His humanity that allows Him to identify with us in every way, and for us to identify with Him in His death and resurrection. In these verses we will be discovering three commonalities that we share with our God, and the uncommon attributes that welcome us into saving grace.

Book of Hebrews - 2.1-4 - Center of Attention

The message we have been entrusted with is one greater than Moses’ on Sinai. For while he received the Law, it would bring only condemnation. We have been granted the message of Salvation, that Christ came in fulfillment of the Law, to set us free from sin and death that we may dwell in the house of our Father forever. Pay attention to this message, because it’s the one that delivers souls from Hell.


Book of Hebrews - 1.5-14 - All My Favorite Songs

The Psalms (literally “praises’), are songs and poems that are meant to be used in every aspect of life, from formal worship to personal petition. They are the expressions of the heart, the emotional center of the Bible, where God is welcomed into the deeper parts of self. They are also rich in prophecy, which the writer of Hebrew uses to celebrate the superiority of the Son, and the fullness of God in Christ.


Book of Hebrews 1.5-14 - I'm No Angel 

Angels appear throughout the Bible but always in the service of God. This week we’ll be discovering the characteristics and purposes of angels, and comparing them with the greatness of Christ. What is an easy comparison is muddled by heresy, misinterpretation, and just plain being wrong. Let us discover the truth of angels and the glory of Christ.

Book of Hebrews - 1.3-4 - State of the Union

Christ holds supremacy of all things. Both because He is God, creator of all things, provider, sustainer; and because He is human, perfect in every way, laying down His life in obedience to the Father, so He has been lifted up to the highest place that ever knee shall bow and every tongue confess. This dual nature of Christ is a mystery and gift of salvation. Apologies that the first part was lost in technical error.


Book of Hebrews - 1.1-2 - Ever Present Past

The Book of Hebrews is rich in theology, in practicality, and in empowering the believer for every good work that God has prepared beforehand.  The opening verses talk about God’s revelation, previously through the prophets and now the His only begotten Son. The superiority of Christ is revealed in His work, character, and person.


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