Video Sermons

Matthew 26.47-56 - By The Sword; 

Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Violence breeds violence in our broken and sinful world. The salvation of God’s people was sealed not by Jesus enacting violence and seizing it, but by accepting violence and giving up His life for us. Shall we live by the sword and seize the kingdom? Or lay down our life and be welcomed into it?


Matthew 26.36-46; Gardening At Night; 

As the Creator of the universe closes His final meal, He guides His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane. Here He spends His final moments of peace in communion with His Father. The sorrow and grief weighs heavily upon Him and He opens His heart before God. Let us look into this intimate and final moment before the torture of the cross.

 Matthew 26.30-35, 69-75; Can't Deny My Love - Although Judas was the great betrayer, Jesus was abandoned by all of His followers at the time of His arrest. Peter made lofty and noble promises that he was unable to keep, and finding himself under suspicion of being a disciple he denies his Lord three times. Judas finds no redemption in his regret. Can Peter find it after the cross?

Matthew 26.26-29; Good Friends and A Glass of Wine - On the night of His betrayal Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper. Command us to remember Him in the same way, this ordinance has been honored since its inception by Christians throughout all time. This week we will learn about and celebrate communion together. Let us prepare our hearts.


Matthew 26.14-25; 27.3-10 - You're Not Sorry - Judas Iscariot, whose name resounds through history as a betrayer to the Lord Jesus Christ. What does the Bible say about this man? And why he was willing to trade his very soul for 30 pieces of silver? As a heads up, we will be touching upon the topic of suicide this week (nothing graphic).


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