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Matthew 21.18-21; The Giving Tree; We are used to the extraordinary with Jesus.  From His knowledge and teaching to His miracles and healings. Yet this is an odd story in the midst of the wonderous works of Jesus. A fig tree finds itself cursed and withers to death under the command of Christ for being without fruit, not only that, but Mark and Matthew confirm it was not the season for figs at all!  What is going on? Does God hate figs?


Romans 6.1-14; Dead in the Water; Baptism is a powerful proclamation, not only of the chnaged life of the believer, but of the Gospel itself. That Jesus died, was buried, and three days later raised from the dead, and that we who believe upon Him will be identified with Him in every one of those moments. So close is the bond of the believer to Christ that His death is our death, His resurrection our resurrection, His eternal life in the heavens, ours.


Matthew 21.1-17; Thieves in the Temple; The Triumphal Entry is a moment that “stirs up” all of Jerusalem. This not only means that there was excitement in the air, but that the whole city was roused into an intense anticipation. Knowing they were on the verge of a momentous occasion, but unable to truly understand the event, they are caught up in the joy, the revelry, and for some the anger and indignation caused by the presence of the Son of God.


Advent & Matthew Crossover; Compassion: Matthew 20.29-34; Just as there are two advents: past and yet to come; there are two states of man: fleshy and Eternal. This is the difficult time we live in, the in-between what is and what will be. We have been born again and yet live on this rocky earth in fleshy sinful forms. How then should we act? As Christ Himself, manifest thru us.


Advent; The True Spirit of Christmas; Love; This child settled into a manger, a baby boy that was promised by God would be the Messiah, the anointed one of God. He would bring salvation not only to Israel but to the world. This child whom we ponder as we sing Christmas songs, light advent candles, and set up our creches was sent with purpose, this child was born to die. And in that death bring life. This is God’s greatest gift, salvation thru Christ.


Advent; The Spriit of Christmas Yet to Come - Spirit of Joy; Joy is found in anticipation for the yet to come while we enjoy the proof of what is right now. Here is Joy, a spirit-inspired response to God’s word, work, and character. Joy that never disappoints, always overcomes, and is found in every circumstance and through every moment, as God himself is present and always working in our lives.


Advent; The Spirit of Christmas Present - Gospel of Peace; Peace is not a passive event between times of conflict, it is the active work of God to bring completion to His people by the sacrifice of His Son. Through the death of sin arises the peace of God. A surety, a confidence, a satisfaction that nothing can diminish.


Advent; The Spirit of Christmas Past - Prophecy and Hope; God says He will and then God accomplishes His will. The promises of Messiah that are weaved throughout God’s Word was a hope that the people of God clung to for generations. And at the right time and in the right way God sent His only begotten Son into the world. We will examine some of these prophecies and discover the firm hope that God uses to empower His people to persevere.


Sermon: 1 Corinthians 13.1-7 - Do It With Love; Kevin Bishop; After a while most weddings all sound the same. But the greatest cliché of weddings is the reading of 1 Corinthians 13. This love is not reserved for a bride and groom, but to everyone and reads a demonstration of what true love looks like when it’s lived out for Christ. Love is more than the commitment we make, it’s the truth we live out in the choices we make and how we relate treat each other.


Sermon: Matthew 20.20-28 - Does Your Mother Know?; A mother’s love for her children is immensely powerful. But love isn’t enough; it takes knowledge, on-the-job experience, and effort to do what’s best for her children. So while the mother of James and John has great love for her children, she doesn’t realize the depth and cost of her request.  Jesus takes this moment to describe the call of all disciples: sacrifice for the glory of God.


Sermon: Matthew 20.17-19 - On The Day I Die; Jesus announces the death that awaits Him in Jerusalem. This occurs 3 times in the Gospel of Matthew; but stands as a daily reminder for us. That God sent His Son into the world, to die for our sins, that we may become the children of God. Let it be a sobering truth as we prepare for communion. By His wounds we are healed, by His blood we are cleansed, by His obedience we are reborn.


Sermon: Matthew 19.30-20.16 - You’re My First, My Last, My Everything; God’s grace is the unmerited favor he bestows on humanity. The love He benevolently imparts to the unlovely. The means by which we not only have received the salvation of our souls, but the ability to continue very day to live and breathe. When the sunrises in the morning, it is God’s by God’s grace. Every good thing comes from God and all that good afforded to us,  is grace.


Matthew 19.23-39 - If I Were A Rich Man; “If a rich man can’t get into heaven, then how can I?” This statement sounds so ludicrous, but was perfectly understandable in the time of Christ. Doctrine that weighed rabbinical teaching equal to the Word of God had determined that the rich are more blessed by God, and had the advantage of adding to their salvation by use of their wealth. Jesus take this opportunity to correct this terrible doctrine.


Matthew 19.13-22 - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous; Money isn’t everything, but it easily dominates most every part of our lives. It turns most of our relationships into transactions. This philosophy bleeds over into our spiritual lives as well, where we treat our relationship with God as transactional. A young man has fallen into the trap of believing he can buy his way into heaven. Jesus speaks truth, but only those willing will to hear it will receive it.


Matthew 19.1-12 - Hate and Divorce; (sorry that the video was lost due to technical difficulties)Although God Himself created marriage on the 6th day, divorce entered into the world immediately after the fall. The relationship between God and man had been broken; shattered by distrust, pride, and selfishness. That brokenness has passed down through every generation and has placed a barrier in every relationship, especially in marriage.


Matthew 19.1-12 - Love and Marriage; On the 6th day, God did  not only create the animals of the land, nor just Adam and Eve; but on that day He created marriage. Standing as officiant, witness, and celebrant of this blessed event, God’s first lawful act was binding two into one. As Jesus is approached in another trap set by Pharisees about divorce, He uses the opportunity to speak on marriage and God’s purpose for it.


Matthew 18.1-35 - NKOTB pt5; Remix; As we finish out our short series in chapter 18, some questions are still unanswered. What was that about angels in heaven? What’s the rule of 3? And how much authority does a Christian have? This week we’ll not only answer these questions and more, but come to see the deep involvement that God has in the life of the believer and the church.


Matthew 18.21-35 - NKOTB pt4; You Got It (The Right Stuff); This is probably my favorite parable of Jesus. When we have been sinned against we demand judgment. Yet while God does demand justice, He takes the debt of our sins upon himself and offers us grace in its place. Forgiveness is taking on the character of God’s love and not His position as judge. Offering others that which was so readily given to us, the forgiveness of sins, in the name of Jesus.


Matthew 18.10-20 - NKOTB pt3; Step by Step; Am I my brother’s keeper? Absolutely! Since we are all equal in the eyes of God, we are commanded to show respect for one another and concern for each other’s well-being. The heart of God is to reach out to the one sheep that has wandered away; and this is the heart of Church Discipline as well. The ultimate goal of discipline is reconciliation. 


Matthew 18.6-9 - NKOTB pt2; Hanging Tough; Jesus Christ has presented the posture of a child as the supreme example of discipleship that all followers of Christ are to model; An image of dependency and complete lack of personal authority. Jesus now continues his model of discipleship by warning both against temptation and tempting others to sin. He demands that extreme measures be taken. Sin is serious and so is our God.


Matthew 18.1-6 - NKOTB pt1; This One's for the Children; The disciples find themselves at odds with one another. So they come to Jesus in an attempt to discover by what means one of them may become the “Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” Is it the most righteous? The most faithful? The most knowledgeable? Jesus reveals that the economy of God is not like the economy of man, by using a child as an example of the true posture of a disciple.

The Book of Zephaniah - It Tolls for Thee; Judah faces the same judgment as all the immoral and idolatrous nations that surround them. God sends Zephaniah, a member of the royal family, to proclaim the reckoning to come. But God will not leave these peoples only to destruction; He will lead them into His salvation; bringing all nations into His grace and the sovereign rule of His might. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess.

The Book of Nahum - For Whom the Bell Tolls; Our God is not a pushover who will allow evil men to prosper without raising his hand in judgment. Our God is righteous, holy, and perfect. Every evil will be judged, every sin will be punished, every wrong will be set to right. Nahum is a minor prophet who gives us a glimpse both of the Vengeance and Compassion of God.  In the destruction of Nineveh we will see  the grace of the Lord.

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Matthew 17.24-27 - Taxman; What is Jesus’ reaction when faced with a situation of submitting to a rule that he neither agrees with nor is required to fulfill? In God’s perfect timing he has given us an opportunity to look at the way we are to react to rules that we feel shouldn’t apply to us. We also get a glimpse of Jesus’ perspective on offending others and being offended.


Matthew 17.14-23 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough; A failed exorcism brings frustration and faith to light. The disciples, who stayed behind while Peter, James, and John joined Jesus on the mountain, have been unsuccessful in healing a boy by the authority granted to them. This is not a failure of God, but a lack of faith. When we utilize the name of God without faith we fail and bring dishonor to His name. I believe! Help my unbelief!

Matthew 17.1-13 - Glory Days; In a moment everything can change. Jesus welcomes three of His disciples into this unprecedented event: the transfiguration is a metamorphosis, a complete change in Christ’s appearance as He is revealed in His glory and accompanied by Moses and Elijah; with the voice of God driving the disciples to their knees. A moment of staggering impact and immense importance.


Matthew 16.24-28 - Body and Soul; In the wake of both Peter’s confession and Peter’s rebuke, Jesus tells us what exactly is required to become a disciple of His: that we deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow after Him. We will unravel each of these commands while also understanding the basics of commerce and their relationship to our souls.


Matthew 16.21-28 - Profits of Doom; Peter finds himself going from being called a “rock” to being in league with “Satan” himself. What has inspired such a drastic reaction from Jesus, whom Peter just declared to be the Messiah, the Son of God? It was actually Peter’s own reaction to the news Jesus would have to suffer and die. Out of passion Peter rebukes Christ; out of obedience and determination Jesus rebukes Peter and submits Himself to God’s greater plan.

Matthew 16.13-20; Rock of Ages; Two powerful declarations are made in these passages that impact the future of the church. Peter declares Jesus to be “the Messiah, the Son of God.” Jesus declares “upon this rock I will build my church.” These statements are full of deep meaning and power. This week will we examine them and discern what they not only mean in their time but in our time as well. 

Matthew 16.1-12; Baker Street; Jesus finds himself challenged for another sign by the   Pharisees and Sadducees; an attempt either to trick Him    into another argument or to exercise authority over Him.     Christ not only refuses but instead talks about the weather.   After departing, Jesus warns His disciples about a specific     strain of yeast that they should avoid. Attempting to    process all this information leads the disciples to wonder:     How can they know a reliable source of information? 

Matthew 15.29-39; The Hand That Feeds; As Jesus continues to expand the scope of ministry in the minds of his disciples, he now begins to work on their hearts. What seems to be a weaker miracle: feeding only 4,000 instead of 5,000 and winding up with 7 baskets instead of 12, is actually an exercise in compassion and an outreach to a group of people often maligned. There are many needs but there is only one answer: Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Matthew 15.21-28; Atomic Dog; Finding themselves in Gentile territory Jesus and his band of disciples seek to take a quiet outing but find themselves pestered by a Canaanite woman who seeks an exorcism for her daughter. What’s surprising about this event is not the disciples reaction, one of prejudice and annoyance, but the offensive words of Christ. Is this a test of faith? Or is Christ, in his dynamic teaching, trying to prepare his disciples for their own ministry to the gentiles? 

Matthew 15.10-20; Ashes in Your Mouth; As Christ continues to admonish the Pharisees for their hypocrisy, he turns to matters of the heart. The heart is the seat of emotions and desires. It is the true self hidden away in the central part of the body. The heart reveals the condition of a person and that condition is broken, twisted, and against God. Our hearts need more than mending, they need to be made new. Not by the will of man but by the power of God can this be achieved.

Matthew 15.1-9; Danger Zone; The dangers of Christianity do not only pose themselves from without the church such as persecutions, hardships, or difficulties. Dangers also exist from within, from ourselves, our sin, and our demands. Christ points out some of these pitfalls in these verses as he confronts the hypocrisy of the pharisees. The same ones that we are as susceptible to in our day and age as they were. 

Matthew 14.22-36; Waiting in the Water; Doubt is not the opposite of faith, but the absence of faith. Fear is the opposite, the poison, the faith-killer. Fear limits us, controls us, drive us away from trust in the Lord and into rash decisions that are almost     always the wrong ones. The disciples find themselves in a dangerous  situation where everything in their being is crying out in fear; until the Christ shows up and tells them: Take heart; Do not be afraid. This Sunday we will examine the heart of Peter to discover not only how to “take heart” but how to grow in faith and courage in the midst of hardships. 

Matthew 14.13-21; Bread for the Body;The Feeding of the 5,000 is the only miraculous event of Jesus that is recorded in all four of the But what is it’s     purpose in the ministry of Jesus as recorded in Matthew? We will find out together this week. Also a reminder that this Sunday is a Communion Sunday. So please have bread/crackers and juice/water prepared that we may join together in remembrance of the death and resurrection of  our Lord.

Matthew 14.1-12; A Death in The Family; John the Baptist has been jailed and is eventually killed by the foolish promise of Herod to his step-daughter/niece.  After hearing this news Jesus seeks to isolate himself to spend time with God in prayer but is immediately bombarded by the demands of his ministry. How the Son of God reacts to pain, as a “Man-of-Sorrow” may help us to understand how we can live in the midst of our grief. 

Matthew 13.53-58; Take Me Home Tonight; We return again to the Gospel of Matthew as Jesus heads home to Nazareth only to find a lack of faith among his own people. This week we will discover what it means that Christ declared himself “anointed” and why a common reading from Isaiah would lead to the attempted murder of Jesus by His own townspeople. You can prepare your hearts for worship by reading ahead and reading the same event in Mark 6.1-6 and Luke 4.16-30. 



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