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Hebrews 13.3 - Folsom Prison Blues

Prisons today have little in common with their Biblical counterparts. Prisons didn’t really exist as a means of punishment, but rather a holding cell while awaiting trial or execution. Prisoners were responsible for their own food through family or charity. Remembering them meant ministering to them in their time of need.


Hebrews 13.1-2 - Streets of Philadelphia

As we reach the final chapter of Hebrews, the commands come fast but no less meaningful. We are to love and not to love. To love the brotherhood, the stranger, the prisoner, the ideal of marriage, and not money. When all things finally are shaken and fall away, it is people that will remain, so it is in people we must invest.


Hebrews 12.25-29 - Shake It off

Earthquakes are frightening experiences. With the ground beneath you shaking and giving way, there feels like there is no place to find shelter or safety. The whole world feels fragile for a moment and we recognize our helplessness in the face of great power. God shakes the earth, all that remains is the unshakable.


Hebrews 12.18-24 - Fire from the Mountain

Our God is awesome. Not in a 90’s cartoon sense, but in the fearsome to behold lest I die in His presence, sense. For though our God is love, our God is holy, righteous, and perfect. He will abide neither sin nor sinners. So He redeems us by the precious blood of His Son, to welcome us into His heavenly Kingdom forever.


Hebrews 12.12-17 - Soup

While we have heard of the many heroes of faith in Hebrews 11, chapter 12 gives us our example of a “wicked” man, Esau. To be wicked is not to be inheritably evil, but to be lost, troubled, broken within the self. Esau would sell his birthright for a bowl a soup, this proves him lost to the concept of God.


Hebrews 12.5-11 - O-o-h Child

Discipline is a word that rings hard in our ears. We think of punishments met out by our parents or harsh treatment by authority figures. Punishment usually strikes fear in us, but the discipline of the Lord is not punishment, it is refinement. There is no fear in love and no fear of the rebuke of God, who corrects our hearts.

Hebrews 12.1-4 - Empire of the Clouds

Because of the examples set before us of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11, we ourselves are to take our faith and run with it. The first step in this journey is to set aside all the sins and weights that hold us back and slow us down. Setting them aside and filling that void with the strength and endurance exemplified by Christ.


All of Me - All of You and Me

The final command that Christ gives to His disciples at the Last Supper is to love one another. This is the mark of the Christian, that our love for one another reflects the love of Christ for us, and in this way the world knows who we are, who we follow, and to whom we are devoted to. Let us love one another, spurring us to greater love and service.


All of Me - All Your Strength 

Strength is not just found in the force of a punch, but in power, abilities, intensity, and authority. The power we wield has impact on the world around us and how we interact with it. We are to love God with the fullness of this power and more. God strengthens us, protects us, saves us, and brings us joy, that we may love Him all the more.

All of Me - All Your Mind

The mind is immensely important for how we perceive others and the world around us, but is also easily influenced by the world around us. What we consume with our senses enters our minds and affects our thoughts and logic. We must be mindful what thoughts we entertain and measure them against God’s truth, lest we lead ourselves astray.


All of Me - All Your Soul

Poet and minister, George Macdonald correctly stated, “You do not have a soul. You are a soul.” A soul is not something we posses, rather it is central to who we are as human beings. A gift from God crafted in His image and saved by His sacrifice. A gift that we are able to use to love our God into the depths of who we are.


All of Me - All Your Heart


The heart is not just the center of our emotions, but the very center of ourselves. The heart houses our nature. This is what makes it sick, deceitful and broken. But it’s what also enables it to be redeemed by God who replaces this one of stone into a moldable one of flesh. Even our nature is subject to change by the power and will of Christ our Lord.


Hebrews 11.35-40 - In Memory of the Martyrs

The testimony of the saints is not their words and deeds alone, but in their deaths as well. The blood of the lamb is not the only one shed in obedience to the Father, for we are called as well to be a living sacrifice, willing to give all our ourselves to our God, even our own lives. Not as a  call to war, but one of sacrifice for the extension of the Gospel.

Elder Brian Dennis - Heavenly Tourists

You’ve heard stories of people who have “died”, been to heaven, and come back to tell us about their experience. But how do these testimonies compare to what the Bible tells us about heaven? What kind of place has God prepared for those who worship Him?

Hebrews 11.32 - Propheter Roles

The Prophets is a term that covers over 170 people in the Bible who delivered the word of God to the world. Although we have 17 books in the Old Testament that we have name “the books of the prophets”, there were many others who would go unnamed, because the message of the prophet is to be greater than their names.


Hebrews 11.32 - The Warrior

Defeating enemies and leading men through the hardships of battle is a calling we see visited upon many men in the Bible. These men were courageous, strong, and flawed. What makes a hero is not their innate or trained abilities, but their willingness to sacrifice themselves in service to the God of all creation. Their faith is their strength.


Hebrews 11.30-31 - Another Brick in the Wall

Faith doesn’t just move mountains, it tears down walls. The children of the lost generation prove faithful. Trusting in God to deliver them from their enemies that they would march silently around the boundary of their very enemies. In that same city is a woman whose faith proves just as strong, a faith that delivers salvation.


Hebrews 11.29 - Into the Wild

A moment of faith by the Hebrew people as they crossed the Red Sea would be one of only a few for this generation. Unfortunately this pattern would not hold, the faith born out of necessity quickly burns out when suffering comes. May we learn from their example and focus on God instead of our current circumstances.


Hebrews 11.23-29 - Something in the Water

Moses stands as one of the strongest character developments in the Bible. From pampered child to failed revolutionary, from outcast to national hero, from fearful of Pharaoh to the faithful one of God. The Writer of Hebrews brings us now to this man considered a friend of God. Let us learn by his faithful example.


Hebrews 11.20-22 - I Want To Go Home

The Patriarchs continue to live out their faith as we discuss Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph and how in their old age, though they did not see the promise fulfilled in their lifetime, they trusted so completely in God’s character and power that they would pass this blessing to coming generations and demand their bones be buried in future Israel.


Hebrews 11.17-19 - Just the Two of Us

The fullness of Abraham’s faith is revealed when God calls upon him to sacrifice his only begotten son. Abraham was so sure of God’s character and power, that he knew the promise would be fulfilled by even miraculous means. If Abraham should sacrifice Isaac, then God would resurrect him, because God’s word does not come back void.


Hebrews 11.12-16 - City of Immigrants

We are citizens of a land that is and yet to come. This leaves us in an awkward place where we desire heaven and begin to live in the truth of the presence of the Kingdom of God, but must dwell in the kingdom of men. This hope enables us to suffer well, to quell rising anxieties, and to declare this hope to any and all around us.


 Hebrews 11.12 - Paint By Numers

A Covenant is made by God. That through Abraham and his descendants, a blessing would flow out into the rest of the world. This is a covenant of blood, and one that Abraham would be unable to fulfill. But Abraham does not walk through the blood, God does Himself, for He will be the promisor and executor, sacrifice and priest, God and King.

From Tragedy to Triumph - Dean Gavaris



Micah in 3 Parts - God's Courtroom - Chapters 6-7 

In His final proclamation, God through His prophet Micah calls Israel to court. Through witness testimony, clear evidence, and proven criminal offenses, Israel is revealed to be guilty. Israel’s desire to be like the other nations has come to fruition into being judged like the other nations. Yet God is faithful, and those who call upon Him still have hope.


Micah in 3 Parts - God's Kingdom - Chapters 3-5 

God has always been king. Yet Israel has never been satisfied with this truth, so they have pursued other kings, other gods, and found themselves in the hands of other nations. What would God as king look like? This is the picture that Micah chapters 3-5 paints for us, that we may know the difference between a righteous and unrighteous kingdom.

Micah in 3 Parts - God's Triumph - Chapters 1-2

Micah was a contemporary of Isaiah. While Isaiah spoke in the courts to kings, priests, and rulers, Micah spoke to the common people. Though their audience was different, the message was the same: God’s judgment is coming to the sinful and God’s restoration is coming for the faithful.


Hebrews 11.11 - The Last Laugh 

Sarah seems to have certain qualities that scripture implies rather than states.  She appears beautiful enough to tempt two rulers, submissive enough to follow her husband who heard the voice of God, and honest enough that she would laugh at God’s promise of child-bearing into her 90’s. Finally she was faithful enough to trust God to have the last laugh.

Hebrews 11.8-10 - A Long Walk

Abraham is an idolater. A man following the false-gods of his father. Until God speaks. Abraham hears the call of God and immediately arises to obey the word of God. Given a promise of an inheritance that would not be granted for another 430 years, he still moved his family, sight unseen, to the land that God had spoken of.

Hebrews 11.7 - Hell or High Water 

The righteous man Noah find himself amidst a generation so evil that God lamented even the making of man. Noah is an amazing example of obedience, endurance, and patience, because Noah was a man of faith. It’s Noah’s faithfulness in God that makes him righteous, by God’s hand he perseveres and becomes a father to us all.

Hebrews 11.4-6 - Willing and Abel 

We encounter our first two characters in the hall of faith. Abel and Enoch are pre-Noah men of righteousness who seek the face of God. Their stories are simple, which is often mistaken for mysterious, but it misses the point to overly-spiritualize these men. They were men of God, honored more for their faithfulness, than their accomplishments.

Hebrews 11.3 - Invisible Forces 

Faith is trust in God. Though we cannot see Him we know Him. More than knowing that He exists it is being in relationship with Him and trusting in His character, His power, His promises. In Hebrews we see amazing examples of faith that are to build our own confidence in who God is and confidence in who we are because of and in Him.

Hebrews 10.26-39 - Hopes and Fears

Another warning passage of Hebrews appears and this one with a powerful truth, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” But as fearful as it is in our seen, it’s is beyond amazing in the righteousness of Christ, imputed to us that we may be lifted up by the very hand of God, from sinners to sons and daughters.


Father's Day 2023 - Father of Mine

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Prov 22.6 This is a double-edged proverb. It’s not only the Godly and good that follows our children, but also our sins and failures. To be a good father is to model ourselves after our heavenly Father, and walk a path of humility.


Hebrews 10.19-25 - Lettuce Pray 3 

The church is not a building or ritual, but the very body of believers united in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Gathering together nurtures the body to draw closer to God, encourage one another, and grow in love and service. When we neglect that meeting we starve our spiritual lives and live not even on the bread of the word, but on crumbs.

Hebrews 10.19-25 - Lettuce Pray 2

When the world feels like it’s shaking around us we tend to turn to panic, despair, distraction, or any number of other paths that lead us not towards peace, but away from God and the comfort that He provides. Let us instead hold fast to our confession of Hope in a tumultuous world and cling to the God of salvation.


Hebrews 10.19-25 - Lettuce Pray 1

Moving on from the fact of Christ as our High Priest, the writer of Hebrews call us into action. To draw near to God, holding fast to the truth of the Gospel, and stirring up one another. This week we will dive into the first two “Let Us” commands as we remember this great gift of Christ, that God has provided for our salvation and sanctification.

Hebrews 10.1-18 - Turning It Inside Out

God does more than save us, he remembers our sins no more, imprints His law onto our hearts and minds, and empowers us with confidence in who He is and what He is able to accomplish through us. This is the work of the new covenant, and the power of the cross. It begins in us and works its way out into the world.

Isaiah 40.11 - Say Hello to Your Mother for Me

Everyone has a mother, even the Son of God. This is a day not only to celebrate mothers, but to remember them, to pray for them. What does it mean to be a mother? It means to hurt, to carry, to love, to die to self as you pour yourself out for your children. So what can we say? What do mother’s need to hear?


Hebrews 9 - House of Gold

The Temple is just a shadow of heaven. When Moses was on top of the mountain, God showed Him the tabernacle, a small piece of the presence of God that would dwell on earth to act as embassy, temple, and house. When Christ dies, the temple becomes obsolete, for what use is the shadow when the substance stands before us.


Hebrews 8 - Hard Bargain

God has made an agreement with the nation of Israel. If they follow after His heart and obey His commands, they will live and prosper in the land He has given. But they cannot obey; and neither can we. Thank be to God He has made a way to salvation, not based on our works, but the accomplishment of Christ. By His blood we find salvation.


Rev. Kevin Bishop - They Kingdom Come

Kevin and Margie Bishop join us this Sunday. The Bishops are members of First Baptist serving in Ecuador as pastor-training missionaries, while also engaging in evangelism and outreach through their Dental Brigade and other services. This is a very special Sunday to join together and rejoice alongside of them for the great work God is doing.



Easter 2023 - Risen One 

Today we rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He who broke the bonds of sin and death, leading us out of the domain of darkness and into His Kingdom of marvelous light. Let us not get caught up in the stresses and anxieties of the world, for He has conquered the world, and has made us more than conquerors.

Easter 2023 - Exalted One

High and lifted up is our Lord Jesus, who has ascended to sit at the right hand of the father, to judge to living and the dead. His work on the cross now complete, we await the day when He will arise from His throne in heaven and establish His kingdom in the New Heaven and New Earth. While we wait, He intercedes on our behalf.


Easter 2023 - Separated One 

Christ is separate from us. Right now physically He sits exalted in heaven at the right hand of God. Yet by the Spirit of God placed inside of us through our faith in Him, we are bound to Him in an intimate relationship that surpasses our understanding. This is Christ, separate in His sinlessness, His sacrifice, and His service as our High Priest.

Easter 2023 - Unstained One 

The pure, holy one has come down from heaven taking on the form of a bondservant, but unstained by sin. By His virgin birth and perfect obedience, Christ is able to remain unstained and even purify us through faith in Him. How can we remain pure in a world stained with sin? Only to follow the Christ who has paved the way.

Easter 2023 - Innocent One 

The Innocent One is proven innocent on every occasion. From His baptism to His death, from the Jewish Elite to the Roman Rule, Jesus is the Innocent One, the Lamb of God who committed no sin, in whom no guilt is found. In our own guilt He makes us innocent before God, sinless and right with our Father in Heaven.

Easter 2023 - Holy One

The blood is the life. The wages of sin is death, and what better symbol is there then the spilling of life to show the penalty of our sin. As much blood that would be shed at the temple for the centuries of its operation, it was only enough to cover, not to pay for sin. It’s not the quantity of blood that mattered, but the quality. A perfect, sinless lamb.